Mission Partners

We support a number of Missionaries both financially and by prayer. A prayer meeting is held once a month and everyone is welcome to attend. Find the next meeting here.


Missions Pioneers Mongolia 2021 Web
Murray and Elizabeth

Pioneers, Mongolia


Missions McIntoshs
Linda and Jim

Overseas Missionary Fellowship, Thailand


Missions Jo

Jo at Church Missionary Society Australia


Web operation christmas childe Jimmy04152032

Samaritan’s Purse – Operation Christmas Child

Samaritan’s Purse is meeting the physical needs of victims of war, famine, natural disaster, poverty and disease with the aim of demonstrating God’s love and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Operation Christmas Child is one of their projects where they ask people to fill a shoebox for a child’s Christmas present including:

  • something to wear (tshirt, sandals, skirt…)
  • something to love (small soft toy)
  • something special (bag, sunglasses, stickers…)
  • something for school (books, pencils, chalk…)
  • something to play with (balls, yoyo, marbles…) and
  • something for personal hygiene (soap, toothbrush, comb…).

For many children this will be the only Christmas present they will ever receive. The church collects a different 'something' each month and combines them all to send near the end of the year to Samaritan's Purse. Read the Newsletter to see what is being collected this month,


Faricy family 2021 web
Daniel and Rebecca

Bush Church Aid Society, Kununurra


Web MissionPartners NCAlexanders
Neil and Cheryl

Missionary Aviation Fellowship


Missions bible society freely missionpartners bible 10289

Bible Society NSW


Contact bibles@biblesociety.org.au.

Missions The Jamirs 2018
Imli and Heather

Pioneers, Arnhem Land


Galea Family SMBC 1
Chris and Kristy 

Church Missionary Society, Malta